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Good Afternoon Dr. Tisa,


I hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know that I was awarded $4,000 of scholarship money with the essay that you helped me revise. Thank you so much for your support, I am truly grateful!



Class of 2021, Virtual Writing Lab

My daughter “was just notified that she is the recipient of the Banneker/Key scholarship at the University of Maryland - College Park. This is a full ride/tuition, room and board, and books scholarship for four years!!!! She is awaiting a decision from the University of Pittsburgh on her full tuition scholarship status. Lastly, she is a finalist for another full ride at NCA&T!! Thank you so much for helping us trust the process!!!  Hard work truly pays off.”

Proud Parent

The college readiness workshop was excellent! It was well organized, and the presenter effectively provided great content.

Community/Organizational Leader

The professional development was engaging, boosted our staff’s morale, and built capacity. The presenter was knowledgeable, and teachers left excited! I like that your services are personable and engaging. I also appreciate how I'm able to customize your service packages according to my program needs.


School Leader

Your 1:! College Coaching and SAT Working Sessions were very helpful. Your services helped our child to gain better understanding of the overall subject exemplified by an improved SAT score. I would definitely recommend your services to any parent who needs good academic coaching for their child.

Proud Parent

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