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All services are customizable to meet your needs and your budget to include one-on-one sessions, presentations, or workshops.

1:1 College Coaching

1:1 College Coaching

To prepare a post-secondary plan

Plan can include assistance with the college application process and locating scholarships, the review and edit of personal statements/scholarship essays, and/or academic instruction to
improve PSAT and/or SAT scores.

Target Audience

9th - 12 grade students and parents

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Virtual Writing Lab

To provide a personal statement and scholarship essay support

Labs will be small groups sessions (up to 7 students) with live feedback provided on personal statements and/or scholarship essays.

Target Audience

9th - 12 grade students and parents

College and Career Workshops

To prepare students and parents/guardians for higher education and the workforce

To provide students and their parents/guardians with information about post-secondary planning
Workshops will be developed based on the needs of the audience

Target Audience

9th - 12 grade students and parents

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High School Placement Support Services 

To provide guidance to parents and their students concerning the high school placement process for private, boarding, and parochial schools.

Through personalized,1:1 coaching, families will receive information about the application and financial aid process, assistance in researching their best-fit schools, and support when applying to their desired schools

Target Audience

Middle School (7th and 8th grade students)

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Additional Services

Parent Engagement

Development and Training

Target Audience

Parents and Professionals

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