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Margaret Holley Legacy (MHL) Scholarship is a book scholarship for high school seniors who have made a difference in the lives of others

Margaret Holley Legacy (MHL)

In 2021, Teachers’ Heritage Educational Partners LLC. created the Margaret Holley Legacy (MHL) Scholarship, a book scholarship for high school seniors who have made a difference in the lives of others by consistently providing support, displaying a pleasant demeanor, exhibiting kindness towards others and having a willingness to help.


Margaret Holley made a difference in the lives of her family and the lives of others. She never held flashy titles or positions. She just smiled and worked, but others knew that they could depend on her because of her strong and consistent work ethic!!! It’s amazing how a smile and a work ethic opened doors for her.

Image by Jason Leung

Introducing the 2023 Scholarship Recipients!


Shaun Karani

Wanting to ensure that low-income students could thrive in the debate sphere and get rid of the “initiation” process present, I founded The Congressional Clash for these students. Asking my community to see if anyone was interested in helping, I received little to no support.


Jasmine Purnell

In 2021, I became a member of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). YAC, which is comprised of high school students within the County Board of Supervisor, Chuck Washington’s district, is a service-oriented organization


Aaron Thompson

In 2020, we faced multitudes of crises: Political, economic, environmental, etc. During that time, with everything happening at once, I was overwhelmed and felt powerless.


Jevanni Napoleon

I pride myself in being a team player who’s here for all members. My fellow officers throughout the years have held the same ideas, in which we are relatable and approachable.


Ava Sauer

I would like to highlight my experiences with Girls Learn International (GLI), an organization that works for gender equity worldwide. I have been an active member of Hoggard’s chapter of GLI for all four years of high school, serving as secretary my sophomore year,


Sciana Vertusma

Sophomore year, my friend Isabel and I coordinated a fundraiser for Columbus House, a local shelter that aids hundreds of homeless New Haveners, but COVID took a toll on its capacity.

Introducing the 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

Mr. Bryce-Cummings.PNG

Bryce Cummings

Although I did have a profound impact on the team on the court, I feel my impact off the court went a long way as well. This was specifically done by pushing my teammates to pursue balance in their extracurricular activities while in school.

Miss Janiah-Long.jpeg

Janiah Long

Each and every time I ride in the ambulance my adrenaline rushes knowing that I have the power to make a difference in someone's life...Since my junior year of high school, I have served as a Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).


Tyler Tanaka

I have been involved in a variety of community service activities ever since I was young. During my time on Mokihana Aquatics, a competitive swim team, I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for their Learn-To-Swim program.

Miss Madison-McNealy.jpeg

Madison McNealy

Due to the events that transpired in 2020, I found myself scared to walk outside some days. My basic human rights were constantly being debated on media and political platforms.

Miss Skyy-Saxxon.jpg

Skyy Saxon

I have struggled with childhood obesity since kindergarten. I never noticed how bad my situation was until I realized I was 351 pounds at 13 years old. I immediately changed my lifestyle and filmed YouTube videos to show my progress.

Mr. Keinsley-Zamor.jpeg

Keinsley Zamor

Proximity, a term defined as “nearness in space, time, or relationship” is one of the major driving forces in societal discrimination and division today; with a lack of proximity, we struggle to understand and love one another.

2021 Scholarship Winners!


Simone Thompson

"I was tasked with the responsibility of being a mentor to female freshmen and sophomore students. I taught the young women leadership skills, character development, study tools, and important things to know that would help them to thrive in life.

image_6487327 (1).jpg

Joshua Monmouth

“Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” I have been occupied maintaining the name that I have, and I realized that whatever I do has an impact on those around me, whether if it is a good impact or a bad impact.

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