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The mission of Teachers’ Heritage Educational Partners is to seek the best for students by providing educational support to children, their parents, and educators joyfully.


To impact generations to come, one student at a time using a 1:1 coaching strategy or small
group approach to equip students with the tools needed now to achieve success in the future.


We believe that everyone is a student, and we joyfully prepare our students to benefit

Core Values

As a Partner, you will encounter our core values.  They govern our attitude, outlook, and behavior.


All people are born on earth with purpose. We nurture purpose through personalized development.


Be filled with joy! We delight in the growth, progress, and success of others.


Do the right thing. Be honest with yourself and others.


Don’t rush the process of teaching or learning with yourself or others.


Quitting is not an option. Refuse to give up regardless of what you see, perceive, or experience.


Together we win; therefore, the contributions of all students matter and are valued.


Teachers’ Heritage Educational Partners LLC. is a full-service educational consulting company birthed out the expressed passion and expertise of a family of educators.  These educators viewed their teaching assignments as “gifts from God” and worked tenaciously and joyfully to make a difference in the lives of their students and their families, for they believed “parents are the key to educating children.”   


With over 50 years of teaching experiences in PreK – 12 educational settings and higher education, nurturing the needs of children has been instilled in and emblazoned on the heart of founder, Dr. Tisa M. Holley. 


Founder's Commitment


It is not by happenstance that we are meeting.  As a young child, I was constantly reminded that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  This lesson has given me the confidence, the boldness, and the determination to be the best educator that I can be.

For over 18 years, I have creatively worked to motivate my students, their parents, and my colleagues to achieve their best.  It is my commitment to serve you without distraction according to pedagogical knowledge while enthusiastically inspiring hope.

After an encounter with THE Part, you will confidently walk away knowing that you can be successful!

Educationally yours,

Dr. Tisa M. Holley

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